About Us

The History of the Seattle Brazilian


WAXON was started twenty years ago by Anne Uhlir, a veteran of the waxing business. Combining style with hip esthetic, our six businesses have the most qualified personnel.  The WAXON doors were opened
on April 6, 1999.

The front window of the spa reads “Home of the Brazilian: Waxing, Beauty, Serenity”, but that’s not all the spa offers.  In addition to WAXON offering anything from brow waxes to men’s full body waxing, the spa offers facials, lash and brow tints and spray tan services.  
Plus we carry a collection of products including My Skin & Co.,
Estrella, PFB, Cocokind, Shea What Body Butter, Basic Jane,
Illume Candles and Diffusers.

WAXON prides itself on its customer service and thoroughness. 

Our specialty is the Brazilian Wax!    

We welcome parties of all kind!

Champagne, Beer or Wine available on request.

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frequently asked questions


How long does my hair need to be?

At least ¼” or 3 weeks since the last time you’ve shaved. We can wax
if it hasn’t been 3 weeks, BUT that is when the client (you) has to be scrupulous with exfoliating with products, such as the My Skin Exfoliating Scrub and Exfoliating Glove.  If you have not done this,
in-grown hairs will most likely occur after your waxing. We want this to be the best experience for you and you to be happy with the outcome!

Can I be waxed if it’s “that time of the month?”

We’re happy to do the waxing if you would like at this time.  We are not embarrassed by this at all. Please keep in mind it might be more sensitive during this time.  We suggest that you get plenty of sleepthe night before and be sure to eat in the morning. By taking ibuprofen it will help ease the pain and decrease redness.

Can I catch an STD from waxing?

Absolutely NOT!

How much is Brazilian maintenance?

The cost for maintenance if you were originally waxed by us is $55 if less than 5-6 weeks, or $70 for over 5-6 weeks.

How should I prepare for a bikini wax?

  • Be clean.  Come freshly showered.

  • Be dry.  Cleanliness is appreciated but please skip the lotion.  
    You will get better results if you are less oily.

  • Be hairy.  Your hair should be at least 0.25 inches in length (which makes it long enough to lie flat on your skin).  Please don’t shave for at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment to ensure that your hair is long enough! Also, if you’ve “let it go” and it seems out of control, don’t worry! Our specialists will trim any longer hairs to the proper length prior to the removal process.

  • Be comfortable.  Reports tell us the more relaxed your muscles are, the better the hair removal results will be!

What should I expect during my bikini or male Brazilian wax?

  • Remove clothing.  You will be asked to remove your underwear in a private treatment room.  By removing your underwear you protect your clothing as provide optimal working conditions so that the technician can get all of the unwanted hair!

  • Prep the area.  Your technician will cleanse the area to eliminate potentially dangerous bacteria that may exist on your skin.

  • Consultation.  Your technician will examine the length of the hair and trim accordingly for safety purposes as well as our preference.  She will also ask you about what areas you would like to leave hair and how much if it you would like to leave.

  • The fun part, getting rid of the hair.  Your technician will perform the actual waxing.

  • Post care.  Use cold compress and our after care products such as My Skin Post wax cream or PFB.

  • Fine Tuning.  Your technician will present a mirror for you to view the result and the approval of your new “do” as well as check for any stray hairs.

  • It’s Over.  You are finished and ready to go about the rest of the day!

Reasons why men get a bikini wax

  • Nobody like a sweater all the time! This is a smoother solution.

  • Swimmers and body builders tend to get all of their body hair removed, especially before a competition.

  • Personal preference.  Some guys hate body hair as much as some women do.

If you fall under any of these categories, you should NOT proceed with waxing or tinting service until medically able:

Being treated with Chemotherapy

Treated for Diabetes

Using Hydrocortisone cream

Using Glycolic or Alpha Hydroxy Acid products in the past 48 hours prior of the service

Currently using Retin A products

Using Acutane (an oral acne drug)

Using Renova or Differin

Been working overly exposed to the sun within the last 48 hours

Work near a UV source

Use a tanning bed on a regular basis

Currently taking medications or being treated by a physician

Any allergies or reactions to Pine

do’s and don’ts