Spa Services

Below is our list of available services.
To learn more about our waxing services, please contact us at our Seattle or Portland locations.
Learn more about the process of our Brazilian Wax.


The Standards

Queen Bee

Brow + Lip Wax 35

Chin 20

Underarm (both) 25

Arm (both) 35

Bikini 40

Extended Bikini 50

Brazilian* 80

Maintenance Brazilian
(front to back)* 60

Bum only 50

Half Leg (both) 45

Full Leg (both) 75

Toes  10

Fingers 7


*Maintenance Brazilian if you come back within 5 weeks

Worker Bee

Neck 25
Back 40
Shoulders 30
Chest (men) 40
Stomach (men) 35
Half Legs (men) 50
Legs (men) 80
Bum only (men)50
Bikini (men) 55
Brazilian* 90
Maintenance Brazilian* 80


*Maintenance Brazilian if you come back within 5 weeks

Facials (one hour)

Massage, cleaning, toning, exfoliation, extraction, massage and poultice masque 75


Lashes 30
Brows 20

Spray Tan *at our Fremont and Baseline spa*

Whole Body 40