Brazilian Wax

What can you expect from your Wax On Brazilian service?

Here’s a little insight to our process:

First, you will be greeted by your esthetician, where a consultation will be done. The esthetician will ask if this is your first Brazilian, when the last time you shaved or had a waxing service; if you are taking any medications that might compromise your Brazilian waxing. In return this is a good time to let your esthetician know if you have any sensitivities or allergies. Finally, if you would like to use the restroom prior to your Brazilian service, this would be the time to do so. (note: it is okay to be waxed during that time of the month. If you don’t mind, we don’t mind!)

You will be instructed to disrobe and lay on the treatment table. We do provide linens for draping over the exposed body. The esthetician will move the draping as the Brazilian service gets under way.

The esthetician will re-enter the room when you are ready for your Brazilian. They will answer any last questions, clarify what service we are performing and the perimeters of that specific service and the clients desires (specific shapes, contouring or the tiny patch you hate on your…)

During the Brazilian service, the esthetician will position your body, perhaps move your legs a little or ask you to bend them to the side. This is normal. The skin will also be prepped before and during the Brazilian waxing. This could be trimming the hair in an area or applying some powder.

When performing the Brazilian the esthetician applies wax with a wooden stick, places fabric strip on top of wax, smoothly embed strip into the wax, support skin and pull off as quickly as possible, make contact with skin.

The esthetician will repeat until the entire area has been defoliated with any remaining hairs removed by tweezers. After the Brazilian waxing service is done, there will be an application of post product, which soothes the skin and aids in removing any sticky residue left on skin.  During the service we will provide information on necessary post-care and design an exfoliation plan for your specific needs.

The esthetician will leave the room, allowing the client to change. Then you meet in the front lobby where client can purchase tweezers, exfoliating gloves and products that will enhance your long-lasting results!

VIOLA, you have successfully received your first of many Brazilians. For clients that want to keep their Brazilian looking fresh, Wax On offers a special Maintenance price when they come back within 5 weeks.